About Us

Texas Flares, Inc., located in Texas area, is a distributor of premium portable flare stacks and is poised for tremendous growth serving the oil and gas sector for international markets.  Our strength is providing specialized equipment to meet our clients’ needs. 

Texas Flares is committed to advancing the safety and reducing the environmental impact of our products with a zero ground disturbance system and eliminating the need for large cranes to commission our products.

Some other manufactured mobile field equipment for sale include: 


-      Flare stacks

o    Portable – 40 ft. and 60 ft.

o    Skid Mounted – up to 120 ft.

o    Free Standing

§  8 ft to 20 ft

§  90 ft. to 225 ft. 

-      Flare stack Ignition Systems

o    Fireball

o    Continuous Electronic 

-      Light Towers – portable or skid (60 ft. + ) 

-      Communication Towers 

o    Portable - up to 120 ft.

o    Skid Mounted 

-      Incinerators 

Our products are not only cost saving and reliable, but safe to operate. When you invest in a piece of equipment from Texas Flares, it doesn't take long to see returns on your investment.